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Osteopathy for babies, children and teenagers

Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children at all stages of development. We apply gentle physical
treatment that can help to soothe and relax your child by rebalancing the body’s systems and
structure so it can function with greater ease.

Many parents would agree that the pressure on our children nowadays is quite different to what they experienced in their own school years. The demands of coursework, homework, P.E and extracurricular activities can put a lot of strain on a body that is still growing and developing.

Stefan is qualified to work with babies and children. He has completed post-graduate training in cranial osteopathy, a preferred treatment method for children, at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London.

Children and adolescents are not simply small adults. Although teenagers can be emotionally mature beyond their years, physically, their hormonal, muscular and skeletal systems are still developing. One of the things we try to do as Osteopaths is to balance the forces on the growing skeleton in the hope that when they reach adulthood, their bodies are in the optimum condition.

Find out how to protect your children's future health by reading Stefan's article on 'Kids and Tablets'. 

Treatment for babies

Your baby’s skeleton is softer than an adult’s. That’s why  osteopathy for children uses gentle techniques such as cranial osteopathy to help create better balance in your baby’s body. Osteopaths are commonly asked to help treat common complaints in babies that are caused by structural strain.

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Treatment for children

Osteopathy is suitable for children of all ages, from young children right up to the age of eighteen. Osteopathy is based on the principle that the body’s systems and structures are all connected and function best when they’re in a state of balance.  Osteopathy can help to gently support your child through growth and development. 

Contact us on 01275 268 001 to book your free 15 minute consultation.

The principle of osteopathy is that the wellbeing of an individual relies on the way that bones, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue and internal structures work with each other.

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