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We all make choices….

All of us. If we’re saying we can’t find time to exercise or eat properly because of work, or ferrying children to weekend clubs, what we’re effectively saying is that we prioritise something else over ourselves. Yet, if we’ve found time to unwind with a glass of wine or to watch an episode of Black Mirror, we’ve found time for something that we feel nourishes ourselves.

What this year is about for me, is examining those choices and making some new ones. My diet, fitness levels and the way I choose to spend my time are all areas that I feel need to be addressed because my old patterns aren’t working for me anymore. This is my 50th year on earth so I’m over halfway through what I can reasonably expect to live and I don’t want to sleepwalk into old age.

Listening to my body

What I mean by this is, that I know there’s a point in my life coming where something will happen and perhaps, I won’t be able to prevent or change it. I don’t want to get to that point and think “I wish I’d done something sooner”. I want that something to be done now.

The three areas are my body, my mind and using a word I’m always cautious of, but can’t find anything that works better, my spirit. I use the word spirit to mean that part of you that can’t be measured but has a huge impact on how you feel as a human being.

I’m going to do this by creating space in my life where I can pay attention to all of those areas, and most importantly, get my ego out of the way of the decision-making process. Like most people, I feel I know what’s best for me but if that were true, I wouldn’t be here writing this. I’m going to question everything and try new things, and this means asking what do my body, mind and spirit need NOT what do they want.

Posted 08-01-19


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