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My journey so far!

Although it hasn’t been that long since I started, this seems a good time to look at my experience so far, and to answer a few questions about what I’m doing and why.

Am I giving advice? Do I expect others to try the same things? Absolutely not, this is not a wellness blog or meant to be suggestions for others. I’m not selling anything, and I don’t think using any type of wonder ingredient can change your life.

I’m trying to change certain aspects of my life - you may feel there are changes you’d like to make to your life, but they will be different to mine. I’m analyzing and documenting my process and experiences. Your process and experience will be different.

The process of writing a blog is far outside my comfort zone (I’ve never even kept a diary) but it is a useful tool, forcing me to analyse my experiences, as well as making me learn more about myself.

You can read books for advice or self-help, but only you can make the change happen and I think that each of us is best placed to work out how to go about it. This does take effort and willpower, however you’re more likely to succeed if you begin with easily achievable goals and then extend yourself gradually – only you understand yourself and difficulties involved.

Hence my starting point of three things that are achievable:

I’m not really concerned about my weight as much as I am about the amount of body fat I’m carrying, and in particularly, visceral fat. This is internal body fat that is not visible which can be stored around organs and is being linked to a variety of risk factors to health. I haven’t set a weight goal or time limit, as failing to meet them causes disappointment.

I’m not promoting WW Team either. I chose them partly as solidarity with my wife so we can eat the same things and to be honest, if you’d told me a year ago that I’d be doing this, I’d have laughed! But here I am losing weight and surprisingly I’m enjoying it. I’m learning that I can lose weight and eat carbohydrate (obvious to most perhaps, but a revelation to me!) and eating a more balanced diet as a result.

Pilates has proved to be a good decision as I’ve forced myself to start at the very bottom and I’m learning a lot. My ego felt that as I’d done yoga for many years, surely I should start at an intermediate level! No one likes to feel like they don’t know anything, but my approach to yoga has not prepared me for my pilates experience so far. I’ve learnt how weak my core is, and the fact that I may have felt like I was doing yoga well, I was in fact, really relying on my strength to achieve this.

Wood carving I’ve found enjoyable, but I don’t feel it’s going to be a viable alternative to meditation. I’ve stalled slightly as it’s difficult to find enough free time to devote an hour at a time which, for me, is what it takes to progress reasonably. As you can see from the picture, 4 hours work has produced something that’s still a way off being a spoon and a lot of kindling!

So, I’m sticking with the diet and I’m going to use Pilates as my base to build more exercise into my week. I’ll finish the spoon, then have a think and try something new. What I’m finding exciting about this process is not knowing what I’ll be doing when the year’s up.

Posted 23-01-19


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