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Breaking old habits

The element I’ve decided to write about first is my diet, mainly because that seems to be my biggest challenge at the moment. However, it has also brought an unexpected bonus too.

It’s been just over a week since I started and I’m starting to refine the rules I’ve set myself. I’ve lost some weight as the point system is easy to track and is really highlighting where my excessive calories are coming from. I’m still eating the foods I want, but the quantities and proportions have changed a lot.

I believe that pretty much any diet will work if you don’t cheat, so I’m going to stick to my points’ limit of 34 per day. For some reason I’m allowed 45 extra points a week which I’m going to try to avoid using.

It’s easy to play the points system by having a lot of zero-rated foods (e.g, a banana is zero points but if you enter fifty bananas into the app, it still counts as zero) so I’m going to keep portion sizes normal.

Ever since I used the Atkins diet, I’ve avoided carbohydrates as much as possible, however I’m trying to mix things up a bit, as this has to change. For example, I’m going to eat more fruit and make my own bread wherever possible. I’m going to use wholegrains as I think they taste better.

I won’t eat anything that is ‘low fat’ but I will limit the quantity to keep the points down. My belief in this is that some things, e.g. cheese, are inherently high in fat, as the products that produce them contain a lot of fat. To me, low fat cheese interferes with the taste and texture and possibly uses additives I’d rather avoid.

So, this was my dinner last night, it wouldn’t look great on Instagram but it’s miles away from my normal meals. Plus, I need to add that my wife was supposed to be bringing the vegetables from the grocers on Gloucester Road, close to where she works, but as she was delayed this is what I had to work with… 

Salmon fried in a pan with very little oil along with microwaved brown rice and a store bought plum sauce. In total, this comes to 9 points and is tasty in its own way,  but quite bland compared to what I’m used to. It was. however, much less calorific, very quick to cook and for the first time in a while, I sat down with my son to eat the same meal together.

I’d never really thought about this, but we very rarely sit down together and eat the same meal. I think the lessons I’ve learned are, that I’ve been quite snobby about my food without realising it (considering what I eat it’s no surprise I’m overweight) and if I spend less time in the kitchen preparing and cooking, I can spend more time sitting down with my family, eating more simple food. All of which is quite obvious when you think about it, but the point is, I had never stopped to think about it, I was just carrying on with my normal habits wondering why nothing was changing. 

Posted 15-01-19


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