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Not sleepwalking into old age...

The reasons for starting this blog were that I’d suddenly found myself in the same position as a lot of my patients – time poor, under exercising and overweight.

I’m 50 next year so should probably consider that I’m over half way through the time I’ve got on the planet.

From experience, I know that everything gets a little bit more difficult as you get older, you lose fitness and muscle tone faster, weight is easier to gain and harder to lose.

One thing I’ve never been very good at is finding balance, I tend to get fit and then lose motivation, I lose weight and then it drifts back on. I think a lot of people will recognise this as a common pattern.

In a way doing what I do for a living makes it harder for me to change. I understand a lot about how the body works and understand nutrition and psychology, so feel that I know best when it comes to myself.

However, I started to try to change things about 3 months ago and in that time have lost exactly zero weight and am no fitter than when I started.

Then someone (my wife) suggested that maybe I didn’t necessarily know what was best for me as I was hardly objective.

So, I’ve spent time thinking about where I am, what I want to achieve and most importantly, how I can make a lasting change.

I’ve set myself the goal of not putting on any weight over the Christmas period, while this may not seem like much, this is a holiday and should be enjoyed.

However, I’m going to try to be a bit disciplined and not overindulge. Psychologically, it’s easy to think “I’ll just start after the holiday and to hell with it now”.

In terms of what links the three foods above, they have roughly equal calorific value... which one would you rather have? I'll be picking this up in the new year, and exploring it in more depth. Blogs will start in the new year but until then, have a lovely holiday! 

Posted 24-12-18


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