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August 2015

What is the difference between an Osteopath and a Chiropractor?

The truth of the matter is that osteopaths and chiropractors share many techniques of treatment and differ mainly in their philosophy of diagnosis and their view of the human body.

According to the strict interpretation of their philosophy, an osteopath will view your body as a whole and see your problem in the context of your life and a chiropractor will generally relate things back to your spine.

In reality, both disciplines will rarely see things this simply and there will be some crossover in the way most practitioners treat patients.

Most practitioners will have been in a position where they could have trained in either discipline, will have had the qualifications to study medicine, but they have made their choice based on what philosophy seems most effective to them.

A better question to ask is what makes a good practitioner for you and your problem?

A good practitioner will always:

  • Take a thorough case history to get to know you, fully explore your issue and collect any relevant medical information.
  • Perform a comprehensive examination, discuss your diagnosis, treatment goals, options and (where possible and appropriate at this stage) inform you of the likely number of treatments you will need.
  • Give you effective and appropriate treatment.
  • Give you advice and support with any lifestyle changes you may feel it helpful to address.
  • Regularly reassess and modify the treatment plan to adapt to your changing situation.
  • Be prepared to discuss with you possible referral to another practitioner or discipline if you are not achieving your desired goals.
  • Be available at a place and time convenient to you.

If you can find someone who fulfils these criteria, that you feel you can enter into a trusting, therapeutic partnership, then you have probably found someone that will work well for you regardless of their title.

My personal approach is to work in way that treats at times focally, at times globally and constantly reassesses the whole patient but that progresses treatment at a pace where the body can absorb the changes and give the body time to react and then adapt.

Posted 24-08-15

Open evening - Wednesday 16th of September

The following article is from the Chew Valley Gazette 

Ease your suffering with classical and cranial osteopathy

Modern life is not always very kind to our bodies: long hours spent at a desk or in the car, the general strains involved in manual work when working to endlessly tight schedules, our addiction to our phones - all these habits can store up problems for the future .. and we do not always help ourselves by ignoring some pain when it first comes hoping it will just magically go away.

Yet as we all know constant pain and niggling discomfort day after day is very debilitating. Osteopathy offers a gentle way to help relieve pain and stiffness without the need for medication or invasive surgery … and from September 1 there will be a new osteopathic practice in the valley: Avalon Osteopathic Clinic at Westway Farm in Bishop Sutton.

Stefan Zurakowski practises classical and cranial osteopathy - a holistic system of musculo-skeletal healthcare offering physical solutions to physical problems, focussing on total body health by treating and strengthening every joint and muscle group at every appointment, the treatment being adapted as necessary. In a nutshell he explains "I assess what has gone wrong, how we will work together to what will make it better and what behavioural changes are necessary to minimise the risk of the same problem reoccurring".

Like many healthcare practitioners, Stefan's interest in osteopathy began when it relieved a longstanding back problem he suffered from when working as a BBC engineer. Realising his interest was transferring from “how to make ‘things’ perform at maximum efficiency, to how to help the body operate to it’s fullest potentialat maximum performance” he then undertook the five years training to qualify as an osteopath. He practised for one year in London before he and his wife Jane moved with their son Josef to Stanton Drew eighteen months ago. He has recently been practising locally at Chew Valley Therapies but is now setting up his own clinic focussing on classical and cranial osteopathy and will be offering free 15 minute consultations where he can discuss your issues and how osteopathy may help you. when he can start to assess the problem and explain what he can do to help.

The gentle practice of cranial osteopathy is very suitable for babies, so Stefan is able to treat patients from birth onwards. He also offers office assessment sessions where he can come to your place of work and advise on how to minimise injuries caused by poor posture at a desk – correct height and angle of chair, wrist pads for keyboard or mouse for example.

Stefan and Jane (who will be the clinic's practice manager) are keen to make the experience of visiting the clinic as easy as possible so are delighted to be able to offer plenty of free parking and flexible appointment times. Everyone will be welcome at the clinic’s Open Evening on Wednesday September 16th  6pm to 8pm. 


Everyone will be welcome at the clinic’s Open Evening on Wednesday September 16th  6pm to 8pm 

Posted 21-08-15


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